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  • What Plaza Are You Guys Located?
    We are located in the Silvermill Plaza with the LA Fitness, and Cody's Roadhouse.
  • When do you guys usually throw events?
    Normally we throw events such as Cloud comps, Trick comps, and games nights once a month, but if we decide to spice it up? We'll throw events twice a month.
  • Does Mystify Vapor have a rewards program?
    Yes! We are known for having one of the greatest rewards programs out there. This makes your shopping experience worth your time. ( New rewards are updated )
  • How much of an E-juice selection do you guys have?
    Mystify Vapor has one of the largest juice selections in Tampa Bay. Set with over 135 different flavors? We take pride in our inventory. Note: Juices are always switched up with different brands. Nothing is never the same.
  • Does Mystify Vapor sell CBD?
    Recently Mystify Vapor has started selling Top-Grade CBD to those who need it. With proper age verification and knowledge of product. We promise to serve you with what you're looking for.
  • Does Mystify Vapor make "In-house" Juice?"
    NO. Mystify vapor only sells top notch premuim E-juice for cheap prices. We do not make our own as for the FDA will be cracking down on this, due to unsafe consumption of ejuice ingredients.
  • Does Mystify Vapor have an instagram?
    Yes indeed we do! We are very active on Instagram. You can follow us at
  • What kind of Coffee does Mystify Vapor serve?
    Mystify Vapor only serves the Finest coffee imported straight from Italy to give our coffee lovers the ultimate espresso experience.
  • Does Mystify Vapor serve deserts?
    Yes! Mystify Vapor serves numerous deserts that blend perfectly together with your morning cup of joe!
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